The Soft Drink Smack Down

In the last few weeks, several of my friends have confessed to me that they regularly drink soft drinks (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!).  I’ve heard things like, “Don’t worry, I only drink diet,” and “Don’t worry, I never drink diet,” and “Don’t worry, I only drink caffeine free.”  This made me realize that there are so many misconceptions about soft drinks and which ones are best for us.

So this post is all about soft drinks and I’m here to tell you, NONE OF THEM ARE BEST FOR US! Before I go off, I must first be completely honest and admit that for a couple years there, during my Weight Watcher days when I loved anything that was zero or low point, I went to town on some Diet Dr. Peppers.  In the back of my mind, I knew I wasn’t making the best choice.  When I was growing up, sodas were strictly outlawed in the house and my siblings and I  thought we were being extremely rebellious if we had a coke at a friend’s birthday party!  But I was desperate enough to lose weight and get my caffeine fix during the college years that I used Diet Dr. Pepper as a way to stay alert and full between meals.  I gave them up when I heard that they can make you retain water and even gain weight!

When I really saw all the facts about soft drinks in my nutritional therapy course, I made a vow that I would never drink them again.  Now I’ll share them with you:

  • Soft drinks contain nothing of nutritional value.  That’s right, not even one little tiny vitamin or mineral exists in these poisonous beverages!  Even the water they use is just filtered tap water.
  • Sodas contain both caffeine and sugar, so they are very dehydrating diuretic beverages.  In order for us to stay hydrated the way we should, we would have to drink 12-16 ounces of water to make up for every 8 ounces of soda that we drink.
  • Many soft drinks contain high fructose corn syrup.  Don’t believe the commercials saying that this substance isn’t bad for you, because it definitely is, and it’s certainly contributing to the obesity epidemic in our country.
  • If you think choosing diet is a better option, you’re mistaken.  Aspartame is a highly toxic artificial sweetener.
  • Many people are unaware that soft drinks contain phosphoric acid and exactly how it impacts bone health.  A high phosphate diet is associate with the breakdown of bone and an increased risk of osteoporosis.  When phosphoric acid goes through your urine, it pulls calcium with it, depleting your bones and the rest of your body of this very important mineral.  Phosphoric acid also leaches out aluminum from the can and drags this toxic heavy metal into your body.

The United States ranks first in the world in soft drink consumption.  In fact, the average American consumes 57 gallons a year!  We just can’t keep doing something that we know is so bad for our health, and even more importantly, we can’t keep giving soft drinks to our children. and wonder why they are obese, diabetic, hyperactive and the list goes on.

Between 56% and 85% of children in school consume at least 1 soft drink daily, with the highest amounts ingested by adolescent males.

I think this article, 8 Reasons Why People Drink Soda and 16 Reasons to Give Up Soda Drinking, does a great job of expanding on this subject.

If you make only one healthy lifestyle change this year, it should be to give up soft drinks.  Why keep drinking pure calories and chemicals and pulling out the things that are good from your body?  We deserve better than that, don’t ya think? (Here’s a little tip:  Every once in awhile when I’m craving something a little fizzy, I pick up some LaCroix or Zevia from the natural section of the grocery store.)

If you’re still not ready to let go of your sodas, I challenge you to give me one good reason why you should drink them and how they can do anything but harm your health.  Betcha can’t do it!

Ok, I’m done ranting.  Hope you all have a great Thursday!


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2 responses to “The Soft Drink Smack Down

  1. Megan

    Soooooo very true! Couldn’t agree more…soft drinks are terrible!!!

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