The Road to Becoming a Nutritional Therapist

Today I thought I would take a little bit more time to explain why I decided to do a complete 180 and change my career path to be a nutritionist.  First, you should know that I have struggled with weight my entire life, and here’s proof.

If that's not a fat baby, than I don't know what is.

What? Your mom didn't bathe you and 4 of your older siblings all at the same time?

Not only was I a chunker, but I also didn’t grow hair until I was about three years old, and even then it was a curly mullet.  That makes for a very unfortunate looking child!

Growing up, I was pretty active, and our family ate very well, so I was a healthy kid, but I was always the biggest of all my friends.

It looks like I could eat poor little Kayce in this pic!

With five older sisters, I remember feeling self-conscious about my size as early as the third grade.  I stayed active with sports starting in middle school, but I was still overweight.  The summer after 9th grade, I joined Weight Watchers for the first time, and that would become my go-to diet plan for years to come.  I remember thinking how unfair it was that all my friends could eat whatever they wanted and still stay thin, while I had to count points and exercise more just to keep out of the plus-size range.

Like most people, I gained a lot of weight my first year of college.  After growing up in a house where there were no soft drinks or sugary snacks, I went wild in the dining hall at UNC, eating dessert and Diet Coke with every meal.  Although I had an awesome college experience, my weight was on a continuous roller coaster and those years were some of the hardest for me.  I could lose weight on WW or some other plan, but I would always gain it back when I went back to my normal way of eating.  I was so insecure about how I looked, and could only be confident in myself when I had my weight where I wanted it.

I’ve continued to struggle over the last few years, but I’ve come a long way.  In the past I was either eating absolutely perfectly and depriving myself of everything unhealthy, or I was on a free-for-all and eating everything in sight.  I no longer have that all-or-nothing attitude.  I’ve learned how to eat reasonably, and how to choose when it’s worth it to indulge and when it’s better to abstain from eating certain foods.

I can’t say that I’m 100% satisfied with my body right now, but I’m 35lbs less than I was in college and working hard to keep it off and lose a bit more.  The important thing is that I’m confident in who I am and what I have to offer, no matter what size I might happen to be wearing. There are still times when I feel sorry for myself and wonder why my friends can eat whatever they want while I have to work so hard.  But then I remember that everyone struggles with something and this whole journey is part of what makes me who I am.  I also think it will help me be more compassionate with my clients since I know exactly what they’re going through.  And that’s what drove me to leave a great job in public relations, because I realized that there was something out there that I was even more passionate about, and life is just too dang short to ignore our passions.

Finding The Nutritional Therapy Association (Thank you Melissa Mitchell!) was the latest step in my road to becoming a nutritionista! I’ll complete the program in October and be a Certified Nutritional Therapist.  Taking the course has completely changed my perspective on what it means to eat healthy and also made me appreciate my natural upbringing.  I’m now eating better and feeling better than I ever have before! Instead of just looking at the scale, I’m really focusing on the quality of my food and making good choices like taking care of my adrenals, staying hydrated and eating high-quality fats.

I’m so excited to be a part of other people’s journey to lose weight, feel better and be the healthiest they can be.  I want to encourage my clients and friends who don’t think they have the time, energy or resources to live a healthy lifestyle and help them turn it around.

So that’s a little bit more about me, and hopefully it inspires you to think about your own nutritional journey and the progress you’ve made.  As you can see, I’m not writing this blog so I can claim to be perfect, and I’m just putting it all out there on the table.  There are times when I blow it and I have bad eating days just like the rest of us, and I’m learning how to turn things around at the next meal instead of letting it continue on and on.

Please feel free to tell me/us about your own nutritional struggles and triumphs.  Have a great hump day and make the healthiest choices you can today!

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