Healthy Dinner on the Fly: Chicken Lettuce Wraps

If you’ve read this, you know that it’s a big deal for me every time I can cook a healthy and delicious meal without burning the house down, and last night was one of those times.  I’ve been on a lettuce wrap kick lately, ordering them whenever I go to P.F. Chang’s (Did you know they have a gluten-free menu?) or out for sushi.  As much as I love getting them at the little Japanese place across the street from Longevity, they always taste really salty to me, and I’m thinking they are probably loaded with MSG.  So it recently became my mission to concoct a healthy lettuce wrap recipe, and last night the mission was accomplished!

Just a quick disclaimer:  I probably won’t be that specific when it comes to amounts of each ingredient when sharing recipes with you.  That’s because I hate following exact recipes and always seem to mess them up…that’s why I leave the baking to The Hubs.  I’ll try to give you a ballpark figure of the amounts I use, but to me the beauty of a great recipe is one that can be personalized to your own taste.

So here’s what you need to make the most delightful lettuce wraps ever!

A head of iceberg lettuce, an onion, celery stalks, 1 bunch of green onion, a can of chopped water chestnuts, ground chicken and whatever yummy spices you so desire.

First you chop up the onions, celery, green onion and water chestnuts.  You can make the pieces as big or small as you want.  I chopped the onion and celery very fine, but made the green onion and water chestnuts a little larger to give the wraps more of a crunch.

Over medium heat, saute the onions and celery.  I probably used about half a cup of each to serve two people.  When the onions started to brown, I threw in the chicken, water chestnuts and green onions.  While the meat was  cooking, I threw in as many spices as I could find from my cupboard.  I like my food spicy, so I used garlic powder, chile powder and black pepper, and I didn’t hold back!

And that’s it!  Just serve the concoction into individual pieces of lettuce, roll them up like a burrito and enjoy!  We also used some Trader Joe’s dipping sauce.  Here’s the final product!

Lettuce Wraps would make a great appetizer for a dinner party. We enjoyed them as our main course with a side of broccoli.

It probably took me all of ten minutes to prepare dinner last night, and that’s how JoJo likes it! Here’s The Hubs enjoying his lettuce wraps.  Not pictured: JoAnna doing a victory dance and thanking the Lord that no bodily harm was caused to herself or others during the dinner preparations.

You may not be able to see it in this picture, but Shea is literally in awe of his amazing wife at this moment. He took the leftovers for lunch today!

And that, my friends, is how we roll, or in this case, how we wrap.  My confidence grows exponentially every time I try something new in the kitchen.  And who knows?  Maybe one day I’ll even write a cook book for kids who can’t cook good, and want to learn to do other things good too!

Have a great day everyone!

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One response to “Healthy Dinner on the Fly: Chicken Lettuce Wraps

  1. These lettuce wraps look divine…bet you put PF Changs to shame, all without the MSG. I just subscribed to your site and can’t wait to see the new posts.

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