Birthday Ramblings

Hello everyone!  It looks like I got several new subscribers over the long weekend, so welcome aboard!  I hope you all had a great holiday weekend with friends and family and are now officially ready for fall…I know I am!

Yesterday was my 27th birthday.  It was a pretty low-key day compared to some of my past birthdays, but I guess that just happens when you get older.  I’m gearing up the next three years for the big 3-0, when I plan to go all out!

Anyway, on this birthday I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting, about where I am in life and all that deep stuff!  But mostly I’ve been thinking about just how very blessed I am.  I’m healthy, I have amazing friends and family, and this is the first birthday where I’ve been lucky enough to spend it as Shea Brown’s wife.  He really is the best husband I could ever ask for and he makes every day feel like it’s my birthday.  (I’m sorry but also not sorry if I just made any of you readers throw up in your mouths.)

I also feel really blessed that on this birthday I’m fulfilling my calling and passion to study nutrition and help others improve their health.  Just one more month until I am officially a Certified Nutritional Therapist, assuming I pass my final and all.

So, in the spirit of DEEP birthday reflection, here are my health and nutrition goals for the year (I wanted to come up with 27 of them, but I don’t think anybody could meet that many goals!).  If you haven’t figured this out by now, I’m a big fan of making resolutions, so my birthday is just another excuse to do just that.  As you read them, I encourage you to make your own healthy goals for the coming months.  It may not be your birthday, but it’s always a good time to make some positive changes in your life!

  • Take more culinary risks. And by taking culinary risks, I mean keep attempting to cook whole and healthy meals!  A couple years ago, frying an egg was the extent of my domestic abilities, and now I’m cooking fresh meals for myself and my husband about 5 nights a week.  How very adult of me right?  But seriously, it’s been really fun trying out some new recipes and sharing them with you all on this blog, and I want to continue doing so and unearthing my inner Martha Stewart.  Turns out the whole thing really isn’t as hard as I thought it was and I feel so much healthier!

Hmmm, now that I think about it, maybe Martha isn't the person I should be channeling!

  • Be bold in educating others on nutrition. Since I started studying nutrition and learning about all the unhealthy additives and preservatives contained in popular food brands, it has become harder and harder not to tell others about what I’m learning.  At the same time, I don’t want to be that girl that nobody wants to go out to dinner with because they think I’ll judge them based on what they order!  Don’t worry, I know there are times when you need to have a little splurge because I have them too.  However, I do feel more of a responsibility to inform people about the dangers of things like high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, soft drinks and soy and to encourage EVERYONE to rid them from their day-to-day diets.  This year I’m not going to be so timid about that.  After all, substituting those harmful ingredients for more whole and healthy alternatives can add years to our lives and transform our health, and I want that for all my friends and family.

Don't let me catch you drinking a Diet Coke!

  • Keep on blogging. I always wanted to start a blog, but didn’t think I really had anything interesting to say.  But once I got going, I realized there is plenty on my mind and it’s a great creative outlet for me.  I get to educate myself, my friends and family and the general blogosphere about something I’m so passionate about and keep up my writing skills (My background is in public relations).  It surprises me every day to see who is reading this thing…old high school and college friends, patients and people I don’t even know…I love it!  I may get more motivation out of writing it than you guys do out of reading it, so keep your ideas coming!
  • Keep learning. Just because I’m finishing up my nutrition program, I don’t want to stop learning about staying healthy and eating well.  I plan to keep on reading, attending seminars and doing my own research.  Doing the Grocery Store Spotlights really teaches me a lot about reading labels and which brands to buy and recommend to others (Stay tuned on a GSS on frozen pizza later this week!).  Nutritional information is always changing, and I plan to keep up and bring you along for the ride.
  • Practice what I preach. I’m changing my lifestyle right along with you guys, and I’m not perfect.  I do my best to keep unhealthy foods out of my house, but every once in a while something sneaks in.  (I’m not scared to throw away a whole bottle of ketchup if I discover it has high fructose corn syrup in it, and I usually end up tossing something out of our pantry after I finish a Grocery Store Spotlight!)  I won’t bore you with my own personal weight loss and fitness goals, but just know that I struggle just like you do to eat the way I should and stay in shape.   It’s a constant battle but our health is worth the fight.

It’s gonna be a good year.  Just to get mushy with you one last time, I really feel like this birthday has been my happiest.  There is so much to be excited about and I love where I’m at right now.  This Nutritionista is feeling comfortable in her own skin, and that’s a good thing, although I’m sure I’ll look back at myself in a few years from now and think, “I didn’t know anything!”

So now I want to hear from you guys!  What are your health and nutrition goals for the coming months or year?  Your thoughts go a long way in motivating me and other readers, so don’t be shy!

More recipes, GSS and ramblings to come!


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4 responses to “Birthday Ramblings

  1. Emily B

    YAY! I had no idea this was going on! So proud of you very-soon-to-be nutritionist! Also happy BDAY!!!

    I loved reading your post and am now subsribing. I am in an awkward nutritional situation myself and can use some support. With Patrick farming we have tons of fresh veggies grown w/out pesticides, but now that we are country dwellers all we have is the Piggly Wiggly grocery store with one brand of wheat bread for $4 a loaf–no Amy’s frozen pizzas or Whole Foods, and everything has “SPICE” in it!!! Basically, if you don’t eat at Hardees every nite you’re a health nut.

    So, I will look forward to staying encouraged and on track w/ your blog. So happy for you. Miss you a lot.

    Love, Emily

    • Hey Miss Emily….soon to be MRS.!

      Thanks for checking out my blog! That’s tough that there aren’t any healthy shopping options where you live, but it’s awesome that you get all the pesticide-free produce! Maybe you need to find somewhere that you can shop in bulk once a month or something so you can have some healthy jarred and canned goods around. Just do your best to read labels and pick the healthiest option you have access to, and load up on those garden-fresh veggies!

      Can’t wait for your big day…it’s coming soon!

  2. Seneca Anderson

    You are the most passionate, goal oriented person I’ve ever known. I am so proud of you!


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