What Happened in Vegas…

I’m back!  I survived another trip to Vegas.  But.  Just.  Barely.

Before I go any further, I must declare my strong disdain for Las Vegas and everything it represents.  I’ve made three trips there this year and I hope I’m never forced to go back.  (Apparently, many people disagree with me, especially this past weekend when the city was completely booked out with couples seeking to get married on 10-10-10.  Cheesy weddings galore!  I don’t get the fascination.)

Something about Sin City just didn’t sit right with me the first couple of times I went.  Between the time change, all the smoke, the noise, the long days of class, I just wasn’t a fan.  But this past trip sealed the deal.  In other words, Vegas kicked me in the tail.


Never, ever again!


When I got off the plane at the Vegas airport on Thursday night, I started to feel a little tickle in my throat.  It’s pretty typical when I fly, especially this time of year, but I was too nervous for my exams to worry about it much.  I loaded up on Vitamin C and other immune support supplements and I was feeling much better by Friday morning and ready to take my written exam.

Saturday morning was my practical exam, and when it was all over I decided to reward myself with a massage at a local spa.  The masseuse said I had a lot of knots in my neck, which wasn’t a big surprise considering all my test anxiety the last couple of weeks, and she reminded me to drink a lot of water.  So that night our class got together for a little party at P.F. Chang’s to celebrate the end of the course.  At this point I was still feeling fine and I ordered a glass of wine (ok two glasses) and enjoyed a yummy dinner.

I went to bed feeling perfectly normal, and then the poo hit the fan.  I woke up around 3 a.m. feeling really achy and cold.  And then I got sick.  I’m not talking about tickle in your throat sick.  I’m talking cheek on the bathroom floor, begging God to save me kind of sick.  I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say I got to know the hotel bathroom many, many times.

I was sharing a room with my friend Melissa, so I was trying not to disturb her.  But I soon found out that girl could literally sleep through every roller coaster at Six Flags.  Seriously, somebody needs to shake her awake in the event of the second coming, or she’s gonna miss it!  I eventually got her up long enough to let her know I was sick and needed medicine.  I was in the bathroom the rest of the night and all the next morning, and by lunch I was so dehydrated they decided to take me to an urgent care to get an IV.

The doctor at the urgent care was the biggest jerk ever.  He insisted that I had E. Coli without really even listening to what I had to say.  He had absolutely no bedside manner and said he was not authorized to administer an IV.  Are you kidding me?  An urgent care in Las Vegas isn’t staffed to hook up an IV on a Sunday morning?  You’d think they’d be handing them out on the strip!  At this point I had a pulse of 107 and a temperature of 102, and I was willing to promise my future firstborn to anybody who would get me well enough to get the heck out of that town, so they gave me a shot in the tush and sent me on my way.

I managed to function through the rest of the day and catch my red-eye back to Atlanta on Sunday night.  It was a rough flight.  I feel very sorry for the poor lady sitting next to me.   By the time Shea met me at baggage claim, I was pretty pitiful.  I hadn’t slept or bathed in over 24 hours, I was filthy from laying down all over the Vegas airport and frequenting every public bathroom in my path, I was so weak I could barely walk, and I was crying like a baby.  Thankfully he still claimed me.

I’m slowly starting to feel better today and am doing my best to get hydrated.  My dad’s testing revealed that I suffered from two things…the flu virus and stress!  That doctor in Vegas didn’t know anything!

On a lighter note, I’m proud to say that I’m officially a Certified Nutritional Therapist!  I’m so excited to be done with the program and to start seeing clients, so please send your friends and family members who are interested in getting healthier my way.

There are also a few people I need to thank at this time:

Melissa Mitchell: Melissa told me about the Nutritional Therapy program in the first place, and she made a fabulous study buddy and practical partner.  Melissa, I have so enjoyed getting to know you better over the last year, and I can never thank you enough for taking such good care of me over that awful 24-hour period when I literally had no control over my body.  You are the best nurse ever, and I have a feeling we’ll be laughing about that whole experience (especially you holding my hand while I got the shot in the rear) for years to come!  I never would have survived that trip and made it back to Atlanta without you!

Shea Brown: He’s the most supportive husband in the world, and he helped me through the program every step of the way.  He watched lecture DVDs with me, listened to me go on and on about all the things I was learning and quizzed me on note cards until he was blue in the face.  He didn’t even blink an eye when I first started the program (we had only been married a few weeks at this time) and I started going through our refrigerator and pantry and tossing out anything that contained high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils or MSG!  He’s also patient and understanding with me as I try all these new recipes, and he takes fabulous photographs for the blog.  Shea, you are the best husband a girl could ask for.  I love you!

Longevity Health Center: My parents and sisters were totally supportive of me (although secretly I think they thought I was a little crazy) when I decided to leave my job in PR to become a Nutritional Therapist.  They took me in to the family business and allowed me to get the training to do something I’m so passionate about.  Thanks Mom, Dad, Melina and Alice!

Thank you also to my instructor Cathy Eason and all my classmates.  I learned so much from you all and enjoyed getting to know you!

Ok, that’s all I have the energy for right now, but soon this Nutritionista will be back to 100% and blogging like a maniac again.  Stay tuned for a fabulous recipe I’ve got coming your way.   Thanks for reading, and please keep all your ideas, questions and comments coming!


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4 responses to “What Happened in Vegas…

  1. Harmony

    So sad your final Vegas trip was such a horror! Glad you’re home safe and feeling better. I’m so proud of you and this nutrional adventure you’re on…Congrats on the highest test scores in the class Guapa!!!

  2. Katie

    YAYYY!!!! So proud of you JoJo!!!! Congrats!!! This is truly your calling and you are going to be fantastic at this!

  3. Melissa

    JoJo you are so sweet! I feel the same way about not being able to get through this class without you!! You have been a wonderful study partner and an even better travel buddy. It was no trouble at all taking care of you and would do it all over again if I had to. I’m just glad you’re feeling better! This past 9 months will be great memories to laugh at for the rest of my life!

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