So, last week when I wrote this, I was thinking that the winter storm would maybe shut things down for two days tops.  Little did I know that the city of Atlanta and all the surrounding suburbs would be completely paralyzed for an entire work week!  I think most of us started going crazy around the third day at home (especially if you were cooped up in the house with your kids).  Many of you probably couldn’t get out of the house even if you wanted to hit the gym or pick up something healthy from the grocery store.  Hello cabin fever!  I’m betting a lot of New Year’s resolutions went out the window, and it was only the second week of the year.  That’s gotta be a new record!

I know it's only January 17th, but it may already be time to revisit your resolutions!

Although my husband and I were able to brave the icy roads one time a day to go to the gym, a one hour workout couldn’t make up for the other 23 hours that I was sitting or laying each day!  My back actually started getting really sore from all the lounging on our 10-year-old sofa…talk about a couch potato!  Then over the weekend we had to go out of town for a wedding in North Carolina, so I was in a car all day Friday and Sunday, which meant more sitting(and more back pain), eating out on the road, and no opportunity to exercise.

So now it’s Monday and I’ve never been so excited to start a new week in my life!  The last few days taught me that structure and routine are CRUCIAL for keeping up my nutritional and fitness habits.

So if it seems like your resolutions have already fallen by the wayside, fear not!  We’re starting over now.  I’m officially declaring a New Year’s do-over (Yes, I have the power to do that.)!  Let’s put all the yuckiness of last week behind us and start fresh today (Or maybe tomorrow if your family is still at home for the MLK holiday!).  2011 is just getting started, and it’s not too late to make it our healthiest year yet, so back on the horse we go!

Let me hear from you!  How did last week’s weather impact your nutritional and fitness habits?  Did you have cabin fever as bad as I did?  What will you try to do differently the next time you’re snowed in?

Happy Do-Over New Year!

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  1. Harmony

    I agree 100% with everything on this post…that week was rough patch and very low point for me in terms of loosing all my fitness goals and eating way toooo much! I love a good do over! Sign me up!!!

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