A Few of My Favorite Things

I’m long overdue for a Favorite Things post!  From time to time, I do a post dedicated solely to foods and products that I’m digging right now.  (Click here and here for other Favorite Things posts.)


  • Bountiful Pantry Soups and Sides:  I’m always looking for fast and healthy meal ideas, and we just started carrying these convenient all-natural soup and side dish mixes at Longevity.  They’re hearty, delicious, and bursting with fall flavor.  All the mixes are gluten-free, and don’t contain added salt, MSG or other preservatives.  They’re ready in minutes and make 8 generous servings.  Our whole staff feeds off one package many days for lunch.  I’m a big fan of the corn chowder, split pea and lentil soups.   Call our office (770-642-4646) and ask for Tracey if you’d like to order them.  You won’t be sorry!  Visit http://www.bountifulpantry.com for more info.

Each mix is $8.50 at the Longevity store.

  •  The Gluten-Free Goddess: Even though I don’t have a gluten sensitivity myself, I love finding recipes that use gluten alternatives.  I enjoy experimenting with the recipes, and it also helps me when giving tips to our gluten intolerant patients.  The Gluten-Free Goddess blog contains and extensive library of fabulous gluten-free recipes and tips.  Check it out!
  • ViraClear: We’re coming into the thick of cold and flu season, and this homeopathic remedy is already flying off of our shelves.  ViraClear shortens the duration of  coughs and upper respiratory infections.  I recommend keeping it in the house, especially if you have children, and starting it at the first sign of congestion, sniffles or sore throat.  Often times we can knock out an infection before it really takes hold in our bodies if we act fast!  ViraClear comes in a cherry syrup for kids and regular homeopathic drops for adults.

ViraClear is a cold and flu staple in my house!

  • Crystal Light Pure: For years I’ve been urging my friends and Longevity patients to stay away from Crystal Light packets, because they were full of artificial sweeteners.  At last, this company got with the program and came out with an all-natural variety, Crystal Light Pure.  They are sweetened with stevia and real sugar (less than a teaspoon per serving) and contain 15 calories per serving.  Trader Joe’s makes a similar product called Fast Flavor Sticks (also 15 calories per serving).  They come in Pomegranate Cherry and Iced Tea with Lemon flavors.  These flavor packets are great if you or your children have a hard time drinking enough water every day.   Please stay away from any beverages or flavor packets sweetened with high artificial sweeteners like fructose corn syrup, Splenda or aspartame!

The TJ's variety are super sweet, so you'll only need about half a packet for a large container of water.

What healthy foods, products or web sites are you loving right now?  Pass them along, as we need all the help we can get to live our most nutritious life.  Have a great week!

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